Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Life and Discipline

I came across an interesting post by Dr Gary North in which he covers the development of task discipline beginning at a young age. Every parent should read this and every young person should have this or some similar system of task discipline in place by age twelve. Task disciplines are tools for achieving a goal, not ends of themselves. Don't get tripped up by this.

My favorites and some of which I already have a variation of:
  Adopt this as your criterion for decision-making: "Something is better than nothing."
  Adopt its corollary: "You can't beat something with nothing."
  Adopt its other corollary: "There is no such thing as a free lunch."
  When you receive a gift, say "thanks." It cost the gift-giver something.
  Do not use debt to buy anything that depreciates. 

A few of my own:

  Never marry your second choice; you are better off single if you cannot marry your first choice.  A second
  choice spouse will set you back twenty-five years and break your spirit.    

What is spoken inside the home always remains in the home....no exceptions.

Always be truthful, if at times you cannot be honest then be silent.

If someone sets a trap for you then be still until they snare themselves.

Respect and trust are difficult to earn and once lost never fully regained.

Never speak to your spouse when touching will better communicate your intent.

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