Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Mouth of the Lion of Indifference

The emptiness has always been with man but even now in this age has accelerated beyond measure. People sit in their chairs and type into a machine digital swords, shapeless, vapid, without an ability to affect. Billions of ones and zeros hurdled towards an enemy devoid of confirmed form. We empty what little of humanity is left in our sad and brittle selves.

We are broken almost from birth, our hearts scrubbed clean and with all the marrow of our nous removed by an institution that is founded upon the pillars of violence, theft, and a hatred for anything that is not fleshly. We are taught to fight and hate our neighbor, that envy and greed are the foundation all that is the highest in humanity.  In order to reclaim that which was taken the indifference must be left behind.

The starting is here and after that the beginning is here .  Death to the world.

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