Thursday, June 18, 2015

Starting Over-It's Deeper Than You Realize

In an effort to achieve liberty, peace, a voluntary society, and a solution to the the degenerative progressive culture that now exist, many people turn to alternative systems of social organization. This is at worst a step in a better direction. Sadly, most still don't realize just how far they must truly travel to achieve their goal.  Worse still-most are able but unwilling, or rather lack the will, to do the work.

In order to overturn and reverse the sharp cultural degradation that has occurred among mankind a profound understanding and a profound change must occur. Not merely a removal of the state or forces of government--this is nice rhetoric and it gets people's attention but it has as much depth as a sheet of paper. It actually says very little and does even less. In order to advance past this current sad excuse for human society, men must completely overturn not simply every notion but the very notion of how man interacts with man. We must kill and burn the old and start over.

In reading you can come across the mechanics of turning away from aggression and violence and towards a voluntary way of dealing with your neighbor. These include Rothbard and Hoppe but to understand what really must be done and what it may appear to be afterwards then read  Shaffer and Wright.  All of humanity, if it is to be freedom from the violence of the neighbor must abandon everything and be ready for an existence entirely, completely alien to what we have today.

Only the remnant will remain.  They will be few, they will have no need for us or our notions. They will never look back.

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