Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lifeboats And Thriving On the Outside.

Sitting under the shaded porch of relative safety, I spy a great and terrible darkness covering what was once my childhood places of joy. But, isn't this the very thought of each aging generation as it watches the creep of wrinkles cross the hand and head? Suppose for a moment that you think of it as this---all generations weep for the brightness and clarity of the past and loath the advent of what is to come.
This, and nothing else, is the great deception put on by the greatest of the deceivers. That all is not lost, the past holds you back, change is the future of things to come, change is always beneficial. This is the deception--that you do not need lifeboats, no safe haven, no safe harbor.
The lifeboat is the family--those bound to you by given blood and by the mixture of blood. Nothing else is family. You may speak of tribe, of community, of clan--you may and these are important for imparting culture and civilization but the lifeboat is the essence, the bedrock of culture. The family is the means that builds culture from one generation to the next. The family is found across all civilizations and times and where the family is weakened or cast aside that civilization soon dies.
Build a lifeboat and thrive while those on the inside culture wither and die.

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