Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Building Beyond Frameworks

After fifteen years of learning libertarian and Austrian economic material, I have happily arrived at the beginning of learning. I have arrived just as the flower blooms, with foundations in the Golden Rule and the non-aggression principle it is now time to explore beyond the frameworks.

Upon starting this blog, my intent was to write copiously about this, that, and the other libertarian theory and idea. No such thing, at least for now.  Simultaneously I began reading alternative right and Neoreactionary( aka Dark Enlightment) material.  While much of the material identified as Neoreactionary is not noteworthy there does exist a significant amount of material that addresses needed unasked questions, discovers insightful connections so I'm absorbing a large amount of this material. As I have previously blogged, I have always been a traditionalist, embraced technological innovation, a capitalist, an Austrian in economics. Now I intend to go much beyond the frameworks of ancapism.

As a mere libertarian( a thinist by a thickists definition )I enjoy a certain freedom in thin libertarianism. I think libertarianism does not itself compel me to embrace a certain world outlook. Libertarianism provides a framework for building a society or more properly a community. If I can see the frameworks much as the external walls, roof, and foundation of a house then I can view
culture as the internals of that house. Truly, the internals make it a home.

Frameworks are done, lets fill the house and make it a home.

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